Week 35

File May 13, 8 14 56 AMWell School is about over on Thursday I will be gone. Anyway what happened this week and what will be happening is First There is a thing Called the Q and U Wedding, its where Q “marries” U And Everyone is making a big deal about it. Also, We are getting Our filming for Nerdy Heist Wrapped Up then Were Done. Last, Tonight Is The Rocky Hill Rodeo, The last one Im going to be at :(. That was my week 35.

Week 34

Week 34 was a great week!! First off, we went on a field trip to KARM. KARM is a place where if you are poor you can sleep and eat at KARM. Another thing we did was we finally finished our scripts on Nerdy Heist and now to filming the movie. The last thing we did was our Mother’s Day Cards. I really like mine, anyways that was my week. I hope yours was great toIMG_6513o.

Week 33

Week 33 was great!! Let me tell you some things about my week. First, we had 2 tests on Math and Reading, Reading took 3 hours and math 2 hours, also they  cancelled Science and Social Studies because something went wrong I don’t know. Next, we are wrapping up our movie scripts, our group is not doing very well. Last, Yet another ticket to read winner, Justin! The first one in our class. That was my week 33.

Week 33

My week 33 was awesome!! Im going to tell you a few things that we did. First, we are wrapping up our movie scripts. Our group is not doing very well. Next, We have yet another Ticket to Read winner in our class. Good job Justin!! Last, We did our very hard TN Readys and something else they cancelled our Science and Social Studies Tests so now they are going to go with our 4th grade scores.IMG_6471

Week 32

Before I start, I want to remind myself that when I started week 4 and now.. only 4 weeks left here. Anyway let me tell you about my week. First we had a soul singers, They all Did very good singing, Also, We are wrapping up our movie scripts, My team’s movie script is Really awesome! Its a 30-20 minute movie. Again, Its called Nerdy Heist. But last, We have another leader in ticket to read. Good job Aaron. That was my week 32.File Apr 21, 2 26 46 PM

Week 31

Week 31 was a normal week, let me tell you why. First off we did our novels which was pretty fun, and I take normal back because we have a 1st grader at our school and he has cancer, we wanted to help and so we created a shaved ice program to make money for Lucas. Last, we look over our TN Ready’s,  Im pretty scared about it but I know I can do it. My week was awesome and I hope yours was too.File Apr 15, 8 03 12 AM

Week 30

My 30th week of school was pretty exciting, First we had track meet and we did real well and I will show you a video of the track meet. Next, Finley got an award for art. And we did our awesome songs, mine was about plot. My week 30 was awesome.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.13.55 AM

Week 29

My week 29 was amazing. First, we had a play called Rock n’ Roll Forever where we sing songs back from the 50’s and I didn’t do any part i was in the chorus. Next, Oh… wait I forgot to tell you I am gonna move to Canada tomorrow and I won’t post.. Im sorry i will try from my phone… and also….. April… Fools!!!! But other than that my week has been amazing.File Apr 01, 8 29 34 AM